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  • What exactly is a journal party?
    A journal party is a gathering where participants share their responses to on-the-spot prompts, using provided art materials to create and share their creations with others. The event is accompanied by food and a pleasant atmosphere.
  • What is creative journaling?
    It involves creatively expressing your ideas, thoughts, feelings, memories, and emotions through any type of art form you enjoy.It involves creatively expressing your ideas, thoughts, feelings, memories, and emotions through any type of art form you enjoy.
  • What is that entry amount for?
    The entry fee for our art journal parties is all-inclusive, covering the cost of art supplies, food, and a drink. Please note that the amount may vary depending on the location and café policies.
  • What exactly do people do there?
    At a journal party, we share prompts such as "What does art mean to you?" or "What memory do you want to create?" Participants can write, draw, and use provided materials like stickers, paper, and pens to respond to the prompt. The session concludes with a 30-minute sharing session where participants showcase their creations. It is a collaborative and creative process that encourages sharing and exploration.
  • Where do you conduct them?
    Aesthetic cafés and restaurants with a mesmerizing ambiance, impeccable decor, and food that will tantalize your taste buds.
  • When do you conduct them?
    We host Journal Parties every month across Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa and we are expanding.
  • Do I need any artistic skill to attend a journal party?
    Journal parties are beginner friendly and you don't need anything. It's more about expressing than creating something artistic. Journaling is a thought process so no artistic skills are required.
  • Do you provide journals at the Journal Party?
    We do not provide journals at every Journal Party. The inclusion of a journal, frame, or page varies from Journal Party to Journal Party. Further details will be provided in the email we send you prior to the event to ensure clarity.
  • Why do the entry charges vary in different cities?
    Entry charges vary in each city due to factors such as the cost of living, price sensitivity, variations in café prices, and location-specific considerations. We strive to offer fair and competitive pricing tailored to the unique characteristics of each city we host our events in.
  • Can I take home my journal creations after the party?
    Absolutely! Your journal creations are yours to keep and take home as cherished mementos of the event. We encourage participants to showcase their unique creations and continue their artistic journey beyond the party.
  • Are journal parties held indoors or outdoors?
    Journal parties are hosted in both indoor and outdoor settings, depending on the venue and event theme. The location details will be provided in the event information so that you can come prepared.
  • How long does a journal party typically last?
    Our journal parties typically last for an engaging duration of 2 hours. In the first 1.5 hours, you will have ample time to immerse yourself in the creative process using our provided supplies and journal. The remaining 30 minutes is dedicated to a group sharing session, where everyone has the opportunity to showcase their artistic spreads, inspiring and connecting with fellow participants.
  • Are journal parties suitable for all age groups?
    Yes, our journal parties are open to participants of all age groups. We believe in fostering creativity and artistic expression across generations.
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